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16 April 2019The Holland Park Circle
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07 April 2020The Extraordinary Art and Life of Augustus John

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The Holland Park Circle Jennifer Toynbee-Holmes Tuesday 16 April 2019

The reign of Queen Victoria witnessed a spectacular rise in the visibility, wealth, and prestige of English artists and designers. Leading this resurgence was a group of artists who established their studios in and around the new, fashionable district of London's Holland Park.
The circle was formed around G.F. Watts,  the handsome and accomplished Frederic Leighton; and Valentine Prinsep.
The artists who followed included Luke Fildes, Hamo Thornycroft, William Burges, Marcus Stone and William Holman Hunt. Their studio-houses, designed by prominent architects of the era were featured in architectural journals and society magazines and several of them still stand today.
This lecture tells the fascinating story of their lives, works, and influence on society.